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My book From Vision to Exit is available now.

Over the years, my work with entrepreneurs showed that they were experiencing very similar challenges, so I began to write to help.


About the book

There are many differences between a good business and a great business, but they aren’t beyond a business leader’s control. In From Vision to Exit, I candidly explain how entrepreneurs can develop strategies, plans and tactics to get their businesses to the top.

With an easy and engaging style, this book is a definitive and practical guide that covers almost every business area. From strategy to finance, management to marketing and business planning to exit, I leave almost no stone unturned. The result is an authoritative and invaluable tool for entrepreneurs seeking to navigate the minefield of successful growth.

Through utilising my own experience as an entrepreneur and business expert, as well as including insights and quotes from the founders of everything from Monitise to Moonpig, I reveal how to create and run businesses of lasting value.

Find out:

- How to put together and maintain the best strategy for your business.
- How to most effectively raise finance.
- How to recruit and retain true talent, despite cutthroat competition.
- How to build your brand, market your products and adapt to a changing marketplace.

I also unravel the art of managing supply chains and partnerships, working with technology and data, and putting a business on a global footing. Not to mention handling the often troubling questions of intellectual property.

And last but not least, I reveal the ins and outs of preparing your business for sale and finding a buyer to capitalise on your success. This book is the ideal guide to everything you want to know about how to build a great business, but never had the opportunity to ask.


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'From Vision to Exit' - The entrepreneur’s guide to building and selling a business.

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